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5/26/2019 - 600 more pictures added to Corpus Christi trip gallery (Guard, Wind & Symphonic @ Baylor, volleyball tournament, cooking contest on the ladies side, March Grandioso into the ocean).  Band Banquet candids & Prism coming soon.

5/23/2019 - Backdrop pictures from Band Banquet.  Rest of banquet up soon. Thanks for your patience.  Between Clark/Vines & Plano we had 5 events in 7 days.

5/19/2019 - Band Banquet & Senior video & Corpus march into the ocean video are all uploaded. Click this years video menu.

5/14/2019 - Corpus Christi trip - There are more pictures to come so please check back later

5/?/2019 - Spettacolo

4/22/2019 - Added old Marching Show videos back to 2008!!  Check them out for a blast to the past!  Click on the Past Years menu item to go to a certain year.

4/8/2019 - Pre-UIL Concerts

3/29/2019 - P-Town Jazz Fest

3/28/2019 - Winter Guard - NTCA Championships & more Exhibition pictures

3/25/19 - Winter Guard Exhibition @ PSHS

3/11/19 - Winter Guard @ South Grand Prairie

3/2/19 - Winter Guard @ Summit

2/?/19 - Mid-Winter concert

2/9/19 - Jazz Band @ Clark's Pasta Concerto

2/8/19 - Winter Guard @ Wakeland

2/4/19 - PanCats at Vines Cafe Virtuoso

1/18/19 - Swing Dance!

1/15/19 - Wayne Bergeron clinic pictures are up

12/30/18  - Pan Cats various performances

11/16/18 - Photos up for Homecoming Game (Prosper). Pre-game is in a separate gallery so there are 2 galleries of this game.

11/15/18 - Lewisville Drumline Competition pictures are up

2018-19 Videos

UIL Region Marching Contest 2018-10-20

Band Banquet Photo backdrop

05/18/2018 - PSHS Band Banquet @ Hyatt Richardson, TX05/18/2018 - PSHS Band Banquet @ Hyatt Richardson, TX

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